Tommy’s Indian Rocks Beach House

Hello and welcome to Tommy’s Blog, a new home on the Internet for Tommy’s on the Beach, the Gulf Coast’s favorite Old Florida beach house. we are a family- and pet-friendly guest house right on the pristine sands of Indian Rocks Beach. We’re in the heart of the Tampa Bay area,  close to its many attractions, such as Busch Gardens, the Tampa Aquarium, and the Clearwater Aquarium, home to Winter the Dolphin. But you might just want to sit on the beach and enjoy our own attractions–leaping dolphins and the setting sun. They’re free!

Guess Which Beach Trip Adviser Name #1 in the U.S.?

We just heard the news that Trip Advisor has named Clearwater Beach the #1 beach in the U.S. We are very happy about that because we are just 5 miles from it. However, we love our beach, Indian Rocks Beach, even better. We have a beautiful sand beach and the same wonderful Gulf of Mexico but we do not have all the crowds and traffic. I think if Trip Advisor knew of our beach, we would be ranked #1 and I know our guests would agree!

Austin Film Festival where there are no beautiful beaches

We just had an exciting trip to Austin where our little Florida boy, Adam, all grown up, had the premier of his 2 feature film, Paperback.  He wrote, directed, edited and starred in this 2nd Romantic Comedy.  Paperback was sold out for both showings and the audience laughed in all the right places.  Yippee!  The movie setting is  Gainesville, Florida, his college town, and though that part of Florida is interesting, it can not compare to our area.  There are no beautiful Gulf beaches like Indian Rocks Beach near Gainesville.  Austin was fun, too. However, again, no beautiful Gulf beaches.  There really is no better place than Tommy’s on the beach!

Summer 2012

It is hard to believe that we are already into June and my favorite time on our beach. We are enjoying the wonderful sunsets and warm Gulf water perfect for swimming. Our Night Blooming Cereus are putting on their amazing display so I know summer is here. I love our Tropical nights! We still have openings in August and of course, fall which is my other favorite season on the beach. Here’s to a wonderful summer!

Dolphin Tale

We are very excited about the recent release of the Hollywood movie about our favorite local dolphin. It is a wonderful, family movie starring Winter and featuring our beautiful beach and pristine Gulf water. You will love her story.\n\nWe are lucky enough to be featured on the Clearwater Acquarium’s website as one of the preferred places to stay while visiting Winter.Come see the amazing Winter and stay with us on our beautiful Indian Rocks Beach just minutes from her home. You will fall in love with both of us.

Building oyster beds

I had a wonderful day today with a conservation group that I belong to. We joined Tampa Bay Watch to help them build oyster beds in our local waters. Crabby Bill’s restaurants donated the oyster shells and we shoveled them into net bags. We then loaded them onto boats to be taken and placed on the shores of small islands that dot our waters. This will encourage natural beds to form. The live oysters filter the surrounding waters. While we were loading the boats, a family of dolphins was feeding and playing just off of the dock. They leapt out of the water just like they do in the Sea World Shows. Amazing!

Proud daughter

My 87 year old mother just had her story printed in the St. Petersburg Times. It was in the “Sunday Journal” section which features personal writings. She wrote about her first guided bike trip and my Dad was along, too. They were 64 then and it was a wonderful adventure riding with a group through charming small towns in North Florida. This experience led to a 20 year love of bicycle riding. We are fortunate to have our wonderful Pinellas Trail so she was able to pursue this new interest for many years. We are very proud of our adventurer and author.

Special moments

Tom and I went swimming with friends last Saturday at Tommys on the Beach. The Gulf water was crystal clear and the perfect temperture. As we were enjoying floating and chatting a gentle manatee glided between us just a few feet away. He was so quiet and serene, we almost could not believe he was real. We are truly in a magical place!

Swimming with the cute manatees

I just had a wonderful day trip to Crystal River with my friends. We booked an excursion with Captain Mike to swim with the manatees. Manatees are large mammals that winter in the warm springs of Florida. ( Kind of like our snow bird tourists!) When the Gulf temperature gets into the 60’s during the late fall, they migrate up our rivers to spend the winter in our warm, 72 degree springs. That is a great time to see and swim with them. Since they are vegetarians they are often called “sea cows”. Surprisingly, in the seafaring days of old, weary sailors often imagined them to be mermaids. Manatees weigh between 800 and 1200 pounds- that’s a lot of vegetables ( sea grass). What a wonderful day on the beautiful Crystal River, just 2 hours from Tommy’s on the Beach.

Spring Training

It may still feel like winter, but the Boys of Summer have arrived in Florida. The Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area is home to three Major League Baseball Spring Training camps. Closest to Tommy’s are the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. They make their home at 601 Old Coachman Road in Clearwater, about 10 miles away. With the off season acquisition of Cliff Lee, the Phillies will certainly be contending again this year.

A little further north are the Toronto Blue Jays, perennial contenders in the tough American League Eastern Division. Their winter home is at 373 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin.

And finally, across Tampa Bay are the New York Yankees. Their spring home is George Steinbrenner Field on–you guessed it–Steinbrenner Dr. in Tampa. Tommy’s is the perfect place to stay for your Spring Training trip. We can help you find your way to the ballpark. Regardless of who you root for, you’ll have an intimate look at baseball’s top stars at prices you can’t beat.

New York Magazine Discovers Us!

It’s no secret here at Tommy’s that the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area is a vibrant,  culturally-rich destination. Now it appears that New York Magazine has discovered us! Their recent article, which concentrates mainly on downtown St Petersburg, states that “gleaming new art museums, and a resurgence of music have given this formerly senior-dominated Florida destination an increasingly youthful edge. Among the attractions touted by the article is the Dali Museum where you can peruse the world’s most comprehensive collection of Salvador Dalí’s works. Also cited were the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts and the thriving music scene at Jannus Live, taking place in a newly renovated space in downtown St. Pete. All these attractions are easily accessible from Tommy’s, but when you’ve had enough, the quiet and solitude of the beach is waiting for you. And every night, the western sky is painted anew in striking colors: